What we do for schools

As educators and staff developers who have lived through many sweeping educational changes, we know how to help teachers connect and adhere to the new national standards and requirements.  This involves understanding what the new standards mean at their most basic level, and helping teachers see how they can integrate, encourage students to question and build a classroom filled with intelligent fun. ILC takes teachers with them to be brave and explore ALL the possibilities a classroom has to offer.

ILC works with your Professional Learning Community to develop and streamline curriculum maps, assist you with your academic scheduling, and ensure that you are developing age-appropriate, rigorous and meaningful content!  ILC can help you to promote and communicate a common vision with user-friendly teacher and student materials.

ILC shows educators how to authentically weave all content areas into the Common Core Learning Standards and embed academic rigor into every area of investigation. ILC delivers supported, hands-on training, and we work with staff to provide ongoing support.

Develop curriculum and create exciting material, culture-rich activities and methods to engage students in authentic learning experiences

Ensure that your students’ diverse experiences, abilities and needs are authentically embedded into your teaching in order to enhance a natural connection and engagement in learning.

Help students build strong content knowledge and respond to demands of diverse writing tasks

Authentic reading and writing practice, using a gradual release of responsibility so that students and teachers can reflect on their work and consistently build upon their skills.

Teach students to comprehend, critique and value evidence

Strategize and design your lessons so that your open-ended inquiries can lead students to discover, evaluate and question their own initial discoveries.

Help students come to understand other perspectives and cultures

Learn how to question the resources you find.  Do they work for you?  Do they work for your students?  Your community?  How does what we learn help us improve our world as we grow?

Teach students to value collaboration with others and competition with oneself

Plan and work together to create ever-improving, powerful teaching approaches.  Model compromise and perseverance while maintaining an ongoing respect and understanding to those around you.

Incorporate real world science and social studies topics across the content areas

Do you have natural resources that exist in and around your school that can be used for authentic and rigorous learning?  Let us help you discover what these are and how to use them to nurture environmental consciousness and passion for the natural world.

Teach students to converse and question

Don’t churn out answers!  Create deeper questions!  Be brave and explore!