Our Story

Inspired Learning Connections is an educational team. Co-Founders Arielle Chiger, Matthew Elkin and Adrienne Houk Maley are teachers, parents, writers, content developers and active community members.

We started our collaboration as educators in New Paltz, NY with varied experience and education.  As we poured over the curriculum we had to teach, we were constantly motivated by each others’ ideas and looked to bring authentic enthusiasm to everything we taught. We quickly realized that we had a desire to share our experience, passion, content knowledge and ideas with others.  Inspired Learning Connections was formed.

ILC consults and collaborates with publishers, writers, businesses, artists, software developers, and schools to create engaging, diverse learning experiences for all.

Our collective experience includes:

Each ILC consultant has expertise in multiple areas including:

We approach each task as a team, allowing for a diversified and consistent, collaborative approach.