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Wild Earth for Schools


Program Guide for Schools & Community Groups

Humane Education Workshops

Humane education programs foster the connection among people, animals and the environment. These connections help to shape healthy communities, encourage curiosity and boost local and global responsibility.

“Humane education not only instills the desire and capacity to live with compassion, integrity, and wisdom, but also provides the knowledge and tools to put our values into action in meaningful, far-reaching ways so that we can find solutions that work for all.”
–Institute for Humane Education (all rights reserved)

The fee varies depending on the location, size of group, length of program, and budget of the organizer.  If you are interested in having educators visit your community, school (kindergarten-college), conference or festival, please contact: info@inspiredlearningconnections.com

Product Enhancement and Curriculum Guide Writing

We can increase the educational content of any existing product, learn more on our business services page. Let us provide you with resources that invite clients to become actively involved with your product. Take a look!

World’s Greatest Search and Discover
Curriculum Guide

World’s Greatest Search & Discover Curriculum Guide
For the fun, interactive and increasingly popular World’s Greatest Search and Discover poster, we designed a curricular supplement to help educators quickly utilize the poster with students and connect it to the National Common Core Learning Standards (NCCLS).

Curriculum for Apps

There are so many great apps out there, sometimes educators need guidance on ways to engage learners with an app, while integrating required curriculum content. Here’s a lesson we developed for Shutterfly’s Photo Story for Classrooms program.

Homes Lesson Plan Screenshot


Engaging Text for Books

Fun Fact File: Bugs! 20 Fun Facts Series
Fun Fact File: Space! 20 Fun Facts Series

Website Copy

We can adapt the content for your website to effectively reach a larger consumer base and promote your product/business.  Let us write, edit or enhance your website copy so that you reach the audience you need to reach.

Wompy’s World Of Musical Play

Wompy's World Of Musical Play
For the company, Wompy’s, we wrote the content for the “What is Wompy’s” section of the website to attract enrollment to their program through the use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies and user-friendly language.